Explorer offers comprehensive major medical benefits and day-to-day benefits which are delivered through a network of preferred providers. All services, except hospitalisation and specialists, are provided through the Prime Cure network. Hospitalisation is provided through the Netcare group of hospitals which are distributed widely around South Africa. A list of preferred provider specialists is available by contacting the administrators at share call 0860 08 08 88.
Details of the Prime Cure network of providers (GP's, dentists, optometrists, and pharmacies) can be found at www.primecure.co.za.
This option is popular amongst blue collar workers

(With effect from 1 January 2023)
This information is a guide only and does not replace the rules of the Scheme. All benefits are covered at the Suremed Scheme Tariff. All benefits are annualised and pro-rated according to the joining date.

Click the link to download the benefit schedule in pdf format:


Monthly IncomePrincipal MemberAdult DependantChild Dependant
R500 - R8 500R1 290 R1 145 R595
R8 501 - R13 000R1 630 R1 440 R725
R13 001 - R17 000R2 580 R2 580R750
R17 001 PlusR3 220  R3 220R1 000