HIV/Aids Wellness Programme

Suremed Health offers an independent and confidential programme managed by LifeSense. Their objective is to assist individuals living with HIV in the most efficient and compassionate way to ensure that they remain healthy and able to lead complete and productive lives. Should you wish to get more information or enroll on the confidential programme please call LifeSense on 0860 50 60 80.

Aids Management Programme –LIFESENSE
Suremed Health subscribes to an AIDS management programme provided through LifeSense Disease Management. This programme is managed by medical doctors and covers both the clinical and financial aspects of HIV/AIDS treatment. Members may contact LifeSense Disease Management for information and advice on HIV/AIDS at any time. Confidentiality is guaranteed and the programme is designed to help you cope with all aspects of this condition including actions you should take to avoid the condition affection either your partner or children.

  • Hospitalisation:
    Should a member require hospitalisation for HIV related admissions, authorisation must be obtained prior to admission by contacting the Hospital Utilisation Management Program.
  • Follow-Up Investigations:
    The AIDS Management Program will approve payment for regular medication, consultations and tests as per the stated benefits. In order to obtain benefits to HIV/AIDS, the member will be required to register with LifeSense – AIDS Management and be enrolled in the Confidential management system.

LifeSense – 0860 50 60 80